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Translation Equipment

Translation Equipment Rental

We rent out complete digital translation equipment sets for conferences, events, meetings, education programs. DEVS works with simultaneous interpretation equipment from Bosch , translations booths from Audipack and Tour Guide System from Sennheiser D2020.

Our equipments meet all the European simultaneous translation standards.

Bosch DCN Multimedia system

Devs is proud to announce that we have invested in the new Bosch DCN multimedia conference system. This system is the future for all types of events involve translation. With endless possibilities and well trained people to operate the system, we will help you cross the language barriers.

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How Simultaneous Interpretation Works:

Simultaneous Interpretation: Imagine you are in a conference and the speaker is talking in French. Using a special set of headphones, you and other audience members are able to listen to a feed of an interpreter who is listening to the French being spoken (this is known as the floor language) and interpreting it into English. This has the advantage of not interrupting the flow of speech, but it requires a specialized set of equipment and a highly skilled interpreter (or pair of interpreters).

Floor Language: This is the language that your presenter or main speaker is talking in. The language that is being translated into is called the “target language” or “translation feed.” There can be more than one target language depending on the complexity of your setup.

The tour guide system is a perfect rental fit for Event openings in fabrics, city tours and Exhibitions.

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Sennheiser audio tour guide system D2020

  • Advanced audio technology delivers excellent sound quality, even in loud plants or manufacturing
  • Hands-free transmitter and lightweight headsets make tours effortless for you and your audience
  • Six channels available for multiple tour groups and interpretation functionality
  • Durable carrying case quickly charges the long-lasting batteries providing mobility
  • DEVS AV Rental can handle rentals for tour groups up to 500 people
  • Reliable system to cover any of your plant tour, employee training or guided tour headset and tour equipment needs

Should you need any further information or require a proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, Nice are 24/7 at your disposal.

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