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Audience Response System - Voting Keypad Ipad Smartphone

Voting Keypad 

The Audience Response system allows your audience to respond anonymously to the questions presented or you can choose to assign keypads to participants. Questions with a numbered range of choices are displayed on a video projection screen. Audience respond to the questions using the wireless voting keypads.When the question is presented on the video screen, participants enter the number associated with their choice (1-10, A-E,).

Voting Results

The polling software from Devs is Ideal for all environments, it’s 100% native with Microsoft PowerPoint. For PowerPoint users, it is the easiest to use response solution on the market. Polling software provides further analysis of audience response data via reports that easily move data into preformed MS Excel and MS Word templates.

Trace the Participant

with the number of the keypad or name of the participant we can trace the voting results from the participant and for results for game quiz

Ipads and Smart phones

Mobile polling is a modern and interactive way to collect the voting results from the participants. Participants can vote using any web-enabled device such as PCs, smart phones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. The results gathered from the audience can be displayed on a projections screen or led tv screen, but also optionally displayed back to the audience on their mobile devices.

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