Sound equipment

Devs Av Rental Group has a wide range of P.A systems to suit any venue and audience. We tailor every system to your requirements and take into account all the different elements of the production. You can rely on us to create an impact experience, and incorporate all of the technical elements required for your event.

Audio mixer Yamaha QL 5 sound equipment

Featuring all major brands like L’acoustics, Meyer Sound, D&B and Fohhn we are sure your message gets delivered to your audience.

Also for dry hire audio we are available to rent out Digico, Midas, Yamaha, Soundcraft and more

conference microphone system wireless with video and graphics

Personal audio & video in device with the new Bosch DCN Multi Media system.

Meet like never before, Each device is equipped with personal speaker, microphone and touch screen. This is a true multi media device! allowing voting, messaging, and a unbelievable clearness of speech.