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beMatrix Ledskin Rental

beMatrix Ledskin Rental

Innovative modular LED display. LEDskin® is a revolutionary product to be used in the field of stand building. LEDskin® brings about endless creative opportunities and guarantees fast building and a clean look of your stand. Developed to be used indoors and custom made to be integrated in our existing b62 frame system.

  • Ledskin Module pitch 2,5mm
  • Ledskin Module pitch 3,1mm
  • Led Corners
  • Curved led Modules

“Probably the fastest building system in the world”

The beMatrix system guarantees a fast build-up and assembling. This not only saves time, but also labour. Moreover, it is the strongest, lightweight and only tool less system in the market, resulting in lower labor costs.

Keep the body, change the skin: the same product can be used in unlimited designs. With beMatrix you can enjoy a unique 360° approach: it is the only system to not only build walls, but also ceilings & floors.

With the beMatrix frame system anything is possible!

Should you need any further information or require a proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Lisbon, Oslo, London, Cannes are 24/7 at your disposal.

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