UTC Conference Hilton Amsterdam 2016

Audiovisual support for the UTC Conference at the Amsterdam Hilton

After a process of bidding, with good proposals and careful listening to the client, Devs Av Rentalgroup got the UTC Conference 2016 in the Amsterdam Hilton.

During 4 days many interesting topics were discussed in the plenary room as well as the 3 breakout rooms.

Using 2 Barco HDX W20 projectors on a large screen, all the information was well visible for the whole audience. For recording we used the Video Devices Pix 240, the most reliable recording solution.

The Sound system was controlled bij a Digico SD9, controlling a Fohhn sound system with wireless Sennheiser belt packs and DPA headset microphones.

Hilton Amsterdam - Okura Amsterdam Audiovisual

Digico SD9 Hilton Amsterdam

To keep the temperature under control, there was LED lighting Used. The front lights were made made of Desisti LED lights, Providing a equal wash over the stage and hardly giving any heat to the room.

Devs AV Rentalgroup fulfilled the client their expectations and met all the additional safety requirements. No cables ran over the floor, safety marks around projectors, and all speakers are flown in the ceiling. Not only preventing trip-hazards from the stands, but also improving the sound for the audience.

Hilton Amsterdam Audiovisual

Amsterdam Hilton Ballroom ABC

Hilton Amsterdam Event support

Amsterdam Hilton Ballroom ABC

Hilton Amsterdam Orange Breakout room

Hilton Amsterdam Orange Breakout room



Below some samples of safety requirements and our solutions

Hilton Safety

SAFETY – No cables in front of the doors. Cable crossing over the doors SAFETY – No speaker stands, Speakers flown into the ceiling.